Information about the company and the report

Location in report
CEO's reviewCEO's review
Company and report profileSyk in brief
Material aspects and boundaryResponsibility
Stakeholder engagementStakeholder interaction
GovernanceGovernance and management
Ethics and IntegritySyk in brief

Key figures

Economic responsibility

Economic impacts
EC1Direct economic value generated and distributedFinancial responsibility
EC8Significant indirect economic impactsFinancial responsibility

Environmental responsibility

EN3Energy consumption within the organizationEnviromental responsibility
EN5Energy intensityEnviromental responsibility
EN6Reduction of energy consumptionEnviromental responsibility
Property development and maintenance
EN8Water consumption and intensityEnviromental responsibility
Greenhouse gas emissions
EN16Greenhouse gas emissionsEnviromental responsibility
EN18Greenhouse gas emissions intensityEnviromental responsibility
Environmental impacts
EN27Mitigation of environmental impacts of activitiesEnviromental responsibility
CRE8Sustainability certificates of propertiesEnviromental responsibility


LA1Employee hires and turnoverPersonnel
LA10Skills management and lifelong learningPersonnel
LA11Career development reviewsPersonnel


Local communities
SO1Local community engagement, impact assessments, and development programsCampus development
Social responsibility
Public policy
SO6Political contributionsGovernance and management

Product responsibility

Customer health and safety
PR1Share of properties for which health and safety impacts are assessedEnviromental responsibility
PR5Surveys measuring customer satisfactionStakeholder interaction
Social responsibility

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