Specialists 14 people
Assistants 4 people
Board of directors 4 people
Campus Managers 12 people, 2 of which are bought as service from a service provider

We are a flexible and agile expert organisation.

SYK’s operations are run by an expert organisation which, with just 32 employees, is small relative to the scale of the company’s business.

We want to keep our organisation as flexible and agile as possible, as our operations are based on collaboration with external partners. Our key cooperation partners include construction companies, property maintenance companies and construction consultants.

Our organisation was divided into four teams in 2016: customer relations and campus development, property development and maintenance, research and development, and finance and rental operations.

We will reorganise our activities in 2017. Rental operations will be split off into a separate function responsible for the occupancy rate of premises as well as business development on campuses.

Gender distribution 31 December 2016

Men Men 20
Women Women 12

Results through agility

At SYK, human resource management is very flexible and informal. The focus is on actions and results. Employee development discussions are held at least yearly for entire personnel. In those discussions the targets and goals are set, together with the superiors, for following years.

We have achieved very good results in various job satisfaction surveys. Once every two years, we conduct the Party job satisfaction survey in cooperation with our occupational health service partner Terveystalo. The survey was developed by the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health. According to the survey conducted in 2016, job satisfaction is at a good level and managerial work achieves good results. Areas for improvement were highlighted in relation to internal communications, and we took action during the year to improve in that regard.

We have a strong focus on occupational wellbeing, as all employees are highly valuable in a small expert organisation. Our investments in occupational wellbeing are reflected in our very low rate of employee turnover. Among other things, we develop occupational ergonomics with an individualised approach.

We have a comprehensive occupational health service agreement with Terveystalo. We set annual targets in cooperation with the occupational health service provider for maintaining our employees’ work ability and promoting their health. We arrange preventive activities aimed at maintaining work ability as well as employee training on a regular basis and based on identified needs.

Employees are also encouraged to maintain their professional competence through training. In 2016, we also arranged emergency first aid and safety training for our personnel.

Our employee benefits include lunch vouchers and exercise vouchers. All employees take part in the company incentive scheme.

Our operations are based on collaboration with external partners.

Internal communication

Our main channels of internal communication are personnel meetings and the intranet.

The monthly personnel meetings can be attended in person in Tampere or remotely via video conference. The interactive meeting covers the company’s current topics.

We redesigned our intranet in autumn 2016. Everyone at SYK has the right—and the obligation—to update the lmari intranet. Our employees are active in using the intranet. Common topics include decisions by the Board of Directors and policies announced by company management.

Number of personnel 2010-2016

Ari-Pekka Lassila develops targets and indicators related to sustainable development

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