Our mission is to own and develop international campuses as part of vibrant university cities.

Our vision is to be Europe’s most valued campus developer by 2019.

We own and develop international campuses in vibrant university cities

We build and develop

We build and develop the campuses we own to create international-level environments for learning and new knowledge that attract new operators. Our campuses are linked on many levels to their surrounding regions and they serve significant roles as enablers in their respective areas.

End of the strategy period

Our strategy period, which started in 2016, ended at the end of 2019. Our strategic projects during the period were: the campus as part of the city, cumulative competence, sustainable development and international, fascinating campus. Our sub-strategies include communication and digitalisation, as well as research, development and innovation. Our strategy period succeeded as planned, and during the period, we particularly enhanced the role of university cities as regional attractions. The theme of continuous learning was also put into practice in many of our campuses, because, besides the university, the premises are now also used by actors in pre-school education, basic education and second-grade education.

We started the work for preparing our new strategy period in 2018 in cooperation with the owners. The change in CEO also brought about the decision to continue the preparation of strategy during 2020, and our target is to decide on the new strategy by the end of 2020.

The campus as part of the city

The aim of the project is to strengthen the role of university campuses in their economic areas and to integrate the campus into the urban structure. Campuses will be developed into attractive and multi-structured parts of the city that are closely integrated into the surrounding urban structure and support the vibrancy of the city, enabling the universities to carry out their own missions.

Cumulative competence

The cumulation of competence refers to enriching and accruing competence in our service network. At the same time, we will improve the predictability of investments, develop risk management and sharing together with service providers, as well as the creation of new revenue streams, development targets and ideas.

Demos, or small pilot projects, have accumulated our competence at the customer interface throughout our strategy period. We have carried out demo activities together with universities. The demos have helped us to learn new things and develop activities together at the campuses. The demos have provided successes and learning experiences that we and the universities can also benefit from in the future.

Sustainable development

During our strategy period, we defined our sustainable development goals and vision to be compliant with our business goals by identifying our social, economic and environmental footprint. We can significantly affect our footprint in the manner we want. We report on our operations and the achievement of our sustainable development goals publicly and openly, at least once per year.

We will continue to implement the sustainable development projects we have started and will put the results of completed projects, such as those focused on indoor air quality, into practice. We will take the principles of sustainable development into account in all of our investments and operations. Among other things, we aim to obtain BREEAM certification for all of our newly constructed properties and we will support our customers in implementing sustainable solutions. We have also started the BREEAM In-Use certification process for maintained sites.

International, fascinating campus

Our operating environment is becoming increasingly international. Campuses have a growing number of foreign students, faculty members and other employees. The International, fascinating campus project involves the further development of new kinds of learning environments, as well as the piloting of research environments. Campuses are multicultural meeting places that represent a high level internationally. International cooperation is important for us, as we need international perspectives to support our campus development.


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