Annual Report 2018

University Properties of Finland Ltd’s year in brief

2018 was a busy year for the company. Our customer base became even more diverse than before. The new arrivals on our campuses included primary schools at the Hervanta campus in Tampere and the Lappeenranta campus.

Our organisation was renewed during the year, with property management operations outsourced in the spring. This change ensures our capacity to effectively respond to customer needs going forward and the allocation of sufficient resources to property management operations.

We achieved good results in our customer satisfaction survey, with an average score of 3.6 on a scale of 1–5. As many as 84 per cent of the respondents indicated that our role as campus developer is very important or fairly important.


We build and develop campuses into international-level environments for learning and the creation of new knowledge.

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We are responsible for providing our customers with appropriate and safe operating premises. Our sustainable development vision is to own the most responsible campuses in Europe by 2030. We move towards this vision by focusing on environmental, financial and social responsibility.

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GRI index

Key figures

Revenue 159.5 milj. €
Properties 237 kpl
Total area of properties 1.3 milj. m²
Investments 95.4 milj. €
Balance sheet total 1.4 mrd. €
Personnel (31.12.2018) 30 henkilöä

Financial statements

Our customer base grew and became even more diverse in 2018.

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University Properties of Finland Ltd

We produce and provide cost-efficient facilities to our customers to suit their needs. We must maintain the value of our properties over the long term, which requires effective property maintenance and management of the property portfolio.

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