The premises were customised for us

When designing premises for a medical centre, it is important to listen to the users of the premises to determine their special needs.

User needs were incorporated into the design of Terveystalo Oulu’s new Linnanmaa health centre by engaging the customer in the process right from the start. Physicians, nurses, occupational psychologists and physiotherapists were represented at the design meetings by Senior Occupational Health Nurse and Office Manager Neela Säily-Moilanen.

“I’m not too familiar with construction, but I know our operational requirements. I had the opportunity to influence design decisions as an equal member of the team and my views and opinions were always listened to,” Säily-Moilanen says.

The premises mainly consist of reception rooms, but there are also a few rooms for medical procedures. One special feature of the centre is a room for conducting hearing tests, which is soundproofed by reinforced walls and double doors.

It is important for our customers to find us and reach us easily.

The Linnanmaa health centre opened for business at its new address on Biologintie in October 2016. Prior to the move, Terveystalo had for long looked for new and larger premises to benefit the medical centre and its customers.

“It is important for our customers to find us and reach us easily. Our current location near the main routes on campus is very good in that regard. We have customer parking on two sides of the building,” Säily-Moilanen explains.

Terveystalo Linnanmaa mainly serves occupational health customers, including the University of Oulu and local businesses, but its customers also include private individuals.

The number of private customers may grow in the future, which is why flexibility was an important consideration in the design process.

“We have to prepare for the reform of the health and social service system. Our premises must be adaptable to many kinds of requirements, including specialised physicians’ receptions. After all, we don’t know what our customer base will look like in a few years’ time,” Säily-Moilanen adds.