University Properties of Finland Ltd (SYK) was founded in 2009. The company’s business model is to provide universities with appropriate and reasonably priced working spaces for their operations. We are seeking new tenants for premises vacated by universities, which will ensure that the occupancy rate remains at our target level. For premises that have been vacated by universities, we are also considering ways to relinquish ownership. SYK works to preserve the value of the properties it owns in the long term and to take care of the management and administration of these properties cost-effectively.

The purpose of the activities defined in SYK’s updated strategy is to be the best campus partner, both for the owner universities that use our facilities and for all our customers operating on our facilities. Our business is to provide space solutions that meet our customers’ space needs, together with related services, in a competitive and responsible way. When we succeed in doing this, we achieve a high level of customer satisfaction, and our customers experience our campuses as the right location for their operations.


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