102 - General disclosuresLocationAdditional information
Organizational profile
1021Name of the organizationFront page
1022Activities, brands, products, and servicesFront page,
SYK in brief,
Customer relationships
1023Location of headquartersGovernance and managementHeadquarters is located in Tampere.
1024Location of operationsSYK in brief
1025Ownership and legal formSYK in brief
1026Markets servedCustomer relationships
1027Scale of the organizationSYK in brief,
1028Information on employees and other workersPersonnel
1029Supply chainResponsibility, stakeholder interaction
10210Significant changes to the organization and its supply chainOperating environment,
10211Precautionary Principle or approachOperating environment, Property development and maintenance
10212External initiativesEcological responsibility
10213Membership of associations Stakeholder interaction
10214Statement from senior decision-makerGreetings from the CEO
10215Key impacts, risks, and opportunitiesStrategy,
Research, development and innovation,
Operating environment
Ethics and integrity
10216Values, principles, standards, and norms of behavior Business at SYK, Strategy
10218Governance structure Governance and management
10219Delegating authority Governance and management
10220Executive-level responsibility for economic, environmental, and social topicsGovernance and management
10222Composition of the highest governance body and its committeesGovernance and management
10223Chair of the highest governance bodyGovernance and management
10224Nominating and selecting the highest governance bodyGovernance and management
10229Identifying and managing economic, environmental, and social impactsGovernance and management, Risk management
10231Effectiveness of risk management processesGovernance and management, Risk management
10232Highest governance body’s role in sustainability reportingBoard reviews the report annually
Stakeholder engagement
10240List of stakeholder groupsStakeholder interaction
10241Collective bargaining agreementsPersonnel
10242Identifying and selecting stakeholdersStakeholder interaction
10243Approach to stakeholder engagementCustomer relations and services,
Stakeholder interaction,
Social responsibility, Customer cooperation
10244Key topics and concerns raisedStakeholder interaction, Customer relationships
Reporting practice
10245Entities included in the consolidated financial statementsFinancial Statements 2020, the annual report
10246Defining report content and topic BoundariesResponsibility, reporting
10247List of material topicsResponsibility
10248Restatements of informationResponsibility, reporting
10249Changes in reportingResponsibility, reporting
10250Reporting periodResponsibility, reporting
10251Date of most recent reportReport is published annually
10252Reporting cycleReport is published annually
10253Contact point for questions regarding the reportari-pekka.lassila@sykoy.fi anita.rinne@sykoy.fi
10254Claims of reporting in accordance with the GRI StandardsGRI-index
10255GRI content indexGRI-index
10256External assuranceFinancial figures in the report are based on audited information
103 - Management Approach
1031Explanation of the material topic and its BoundaryResponsibility, reporting
1032The management approach and its componentsPersonnel,
Governance and management,
1033Evaluation of the management approachGovernance and management, internal audit
200 - Economic
Economic Performance
2011Direct economic value generated and distributedFinancial responsibility
2013Defined benefit plan obligations and other retirement plansStatutory pension cover
2014Financial assistance received from governmentFinancial responsibility0,1 Milj. €
Indirect Economic Impact
2032Significant indirect economic impactsFinancial responsibility
300 - Environmental
3021Energy consumption within the organizationEcological responsibility, energy consumption and emissions
3023Energy intensityEcological responsibility, sustainable development indicators
3024Reduction of energy consumptionEcological responsibility, energy consumption and emissions,
Property development and maintenance
3031Water withdrawalEcological responsibility, Sustainable development indicators
3043Habitats protected or restoredSocial responsibility, local communities
3051Direct (Scope 1) GHG emissionsEcological responsibility, sustainable development indicators
3052Energy indirect (Scope 2) GHG emissionsEcological responsibility, sustainable development indicators
3053Other indirect (Scope 3) GHG emissionsEcological responsibility, sustainable development indicators
3054GHG emissions intensityEcological responsibility, sustainable development indicators
3055Reduction of GHG emissionsEcological responsibility, energy consumption and emissions
3062Waste by type and disposal methodProperty development and maitenance, waste and recycling,
Ecological responsibility, sustainable development indicators
400 - Social
4011New employee hires and employee turnoverSocial responsibility, sustainable development indicators,
4013Parental leaveSocial responsibility, sustainable development indicators
Työterveys ja -turvallisuus
4032Hazard identification, risk assessment, and incident investigationSocial responsibility, Campus safety
4033Occupational health services Personnel
4035Worker training on occupational health and safety Social responsibility, sustainable development indicators
4036Promotion of worker health Personnel
4039Work-related injuries Social responsibility, sustainable development indicators
Training and Education
4041Average hours of training per year per employeeSocial responsibility, sustainable development indicators
4042Programs for upgrading employee skills and transition assistance programsPersonnel
4043Percentage of employees receiving regular performance and career development reviewsPersonnel
Diversity and Equal Opportunity
4051Diversity of governance bodies and employeesPersonnel,
Governance and management
4061Incidents of discrimination and corrective actions takenNo reported discrimination cases
Local Communities
4131Operations with local community engagement, impact assessments, and development programsSocial responsibility, local communities
Public Policy
4151Political contributionsGovernance and management, corporate governance code
Customer Health and Safety
4161Assessment of the health and safety impacts of product and service categoriesSocial responsibility, Campus safety
4162Incidents of non-compliance concerning the health and safety impacts of products and servicesNo reported violations of regulations in 2020
Customer Privacy
4181Substantiated complaints concerning breaches of customer privacy and losses of customer dataNo reported violations of regulations in 2020
Construction and Contruction and Real Estate Sector Disclosures, CRE
CRE1Building energy intensityProperty development and maintenance
CRE2Building water intensityEcological responsibility
CRE3Greenhouse gas emissions intensity from buildingsEcological responsibility
CRE8Sustainability certificates, rating and labeling of propertiesEcological responsibility
Essential key figures of SYK
SYK1Demosites for universities / Research, development and innovation investmentsResearch, development and innovation
SYK2EmploymentFinancial responsibility
Social responsibility, sustainable development indicators

SYK3Tax-footprintFinancial responsibility
SYK4Produced solar energy at SYK campusesEcological responsibility, energy consumption and emissions
SYK5Recycling rateProperty development and maintenance, waste and recycling 

The report covers the data from The University Properties of Finland Ltd for the year 2020. 


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